Book Launch and Personal Conversations

After a much needed break, I’m back in book mode!  I’m thrilled to finally have a book launch and artist salon with my filmmaker friend, Tony Nguyen. Please join me at this special event that will be moderated by local artist Danny Thanh Nguyen.  For more information, visit the event page.

Our mother’s daily work life seemed ordinary when we were children, it wasn’t until now that both Tony and I realize how significant their jobs were to exploring the Vietnamese American experience.“


What Readers Are Saying

Just finished the book. It’s a quick and smart read that touches on a personal note for me being from the Vietnamese American community and also having a mom that works in the nail salon industry. Too often we know people in our lives that we share casual and friendly relationships with but really never dig deeper because the relationships are of a service type like hair stylist, lawyers, insurance agents, even neighbors and teachers. In Same Same, Ly Nguyen brings the reader beyond the receptionist table and connects us to the stories of a Vietnamese nail salon owner/worker. Through the relationships of this character with her daughter, her coworkers, and her customers, the book established the warmth and struggles of people that are tied together by much more than nail appointments. Awesome read.

- GoodReads User

“A very loving story and heart-warming.  Reminds me of a lot of the women in my family too and their struggles here in the US in the early days. Keep on writing – you are a very wonderful writer.” -Sandy

” I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so excited to share this book with my friends. I have a lot of Vietnamese friends and have one friend in particular who has a mother who owned a hair salon where she helped out. I loved reading this and cannot wait to read more of your work!”-Slyvia

” Written in simple prose, this super fast read is a must for anyone who’s ever walked in a nail salon. “-Tony

“I really enjoyed your book and completed it in a few hours. I couldn’t put it down and I actually wanted more.”-Zoe

“I love how the six stories link together, which was pleasantly surprising and created a larger canvas of stories that revolve around the main character and her Vietnamese mother. I felt some emotional echoes to my own upbringing– I was moved by each of your stories and found them well-written, truthful, and insightful.”- N

“I read your book over the weekend – So wonderful!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Please keep writing! I want to read more! I hope you have an agent!”-Megan





Same Same

I’m thrilled to launch my first novella, Same Same. It’s a story that took five years to write and with the help of many supporters, I’m ready to share it.

Same Same is a novel that chronicles the life of a Vietnamese nail salon worker in San Francisco. Thousands of immigrants from Vietnam continue to be pointed towards the path of becoming a nail salon worker. Their rich and complex life stories are often untold but these women exist in urban landscapes where they service the hands and feet of other.

Same Same shares an intimate and heartwarming glimpse into the life a Vietnamese nail salon worker who somehow remains strong and resilient throughout the trials in her life.

What inspired me to write this book? I wanted to tell the story of this niche in my own community. I grew up working in a nail salon and my mom has worked in the industry for twenty years. People walk in and out of nail salons every day without knowing the complex life stories of the women who work on their hands and feet.

Same Same is a quick read but will give you a deeper understanding of the Vietnamese American experience.

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